Welcome To Mindshiftd

Dear Phenomenal Being,

Through the trials and errors, highs and lows, learning, unlearning and relearning I found that I am here today to be of service.

This is me, I am an ambivert, have a ghastly fear for snakes, spiders and horror movies, avid reader, wish to see the world and bake for fun! 

Mom first, Executive in Corporate, Coach, Mentor, Facilitator & Speaker. (MBA, Certified Life Coach, Dare to Lead Trained).
Passionate about empowering people to build better habits, live intentionally & mindfully, self-development and alignment of values. 

MindShiftd Programs are designed to build awareness, discover and develop positive outcomes to move forward with purpose and clarity, living to your full true values, changing mindsets bit by bit.

Rebalance – Reflection – Rebuild

We all know what we don’t want in life – now let’s work on what you do want!

Reshma Lutchman

Coach | Facilitator | Speaker