One-On-One Coaching

Balance & Self Care /
Self Development Program

8 step program to create a balance & fulfilled life.

We live in a society that loves achievement, qualifications, status and success. Many people work themselves extremely hard to get there – ignoring what their bodies and minds are telling them. What is the point of success, a great career – if you’re always stressed, overwhelmed, don’t see much of your family and friends (or are grumpy/tired when you do see them)?

This is the ideal program to gain control.

Goal Setting

Let’s explore a vision for your life, help set goals which fit into the bigger picture, explore and decide which goals are most meaningful (or exciting!) to move forwards with, look at goal ecology, obstacles, success boosters and begin to take action.

Personal Life Coaching

Do more of what you want, and less of what you don’t in this 8 part Personal Coaching Program. Get your life back on track.

Productivity &
Time Management

Productivity & Time Management program to assist you to be more productive and reduce stress through better time, action and priority management.

This program is incredibly useful for any individual who is typically trying to manage multiple competing issues and demands on their time.

Self Discovery

7 Simple step program to rediscover the true you and living an authentic happy life.

After completing this set of self-discovery coaching tools, you can use your newfound knowledge about yourself to bring focus, clarity and depth to your actions, habits, brainstorming, decision making, visioning and goal-setting.

Spring Clean
Your Life Program

De-clutter your life and create the space to set yourself up for success in 9 simple steps.

In order to “Spring Clean” your life you need to understand where your life is draining you and specifically what and who is draining your energy. Next, you need to set yourselves up for success – by getting clear on how you would like your lives to be, as well as letting go of things that drain you.


Corporate Workshops

Structured according to the organisation’s requirement.